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Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021

Video editing program

Rely on intelligent tools, an expanded collection of premium effects, powerful color grading, video masks and improved performance to turn your best moments and experiences into unique films.

Put your life in the limelight.

With the NEW VideoStudio Ultimate 2021, video editing is easier and more fun. In addition to drag-and-drop graphics, titles, and transitions, it also includes high-quality effects from industry leaders. Discover exclusive editing tools such as color grading, video masking, advanced video stabilization, dynamic split-screen editing and much more. Use intuitive tools and instant project templates to create unique films that will impress and delight your viewers.

What can VideoStudio do?

With the powerful tools and exclusive effects of this easy-to-learn video editing program, you'll be able to create stunning movies with ease.

Everything You Need to Make Great Movies:

The extraordinary combination of a beginner-friendly user interface with easy-to-understand tools and practical tutorials from VideoStudio has been enhanced with groundbreaking creative functions that make video editing even more fun!

Basic Edits
Use basic tools to edit your videos and use only the best shots to get interesting results.

Drag-and-drop functions
Easily edit your videos by simply dragging and dropping your clips first, then adding creative graphics, overlays, animated titles and transitions.

Correcting Mistakes
Enhance colors, white balance and lens corrections, and correct mistakes to turn your shots into elegant productions.

Effects Apply creative effects, filters, and animated overlays to make your videos more interesting and engaging!

Advanced tools
Combine clips captured from different perspectives with tools for recording and editing multiple cameras, optimize panoramic shots with tools for editing 360 ° videos, or add animation and speed effects.

What's new in VideoStudio 2021

Project Templates Save time and effort by mimicking popular video styles in minutes! Recreate trendy viral videos or edit appealing social media posts with new instant templates and add thematic intros, convert videos from portrait to landscape, copy marketing templates and much more. Unleash your creative potential by combining ready-made templates and effects with your own customizations for unique results!

AR stickers
Use the new AR stickers to create original effects that deepen emotions and add playful moments to your videos. These face-recognition stickers are ideal for amplifying reactions and making gaming videos, reaction videos or tutorials more personal!

More premium effects
Create unique creative transformations with the optimized effect packages from NewBlueFX and the more than 100 new VitaScene effects from proDAD. Go beyond basic edits with an expanded collection of exclusive premium effects from industry leaders!

Advanced Video Stabilization

With the optimized video stabilization tool from proDAD Mercalli, you can stabilize hand-recorded and shaky videos in real time faster and more efficiently than ever before. Quickly turn shaky handheld video and choppy action shots into usable footage!

Improved performance
Enjoy faster, smoother processing thanks to major performance improvements across the product. VideoStudio Pro 2021 is optimized for the latest video hardware acceleration technologies from Intel, AMD and nVidia, which significantly speeds up the preview of edits and rendering of popular file formats. Reliable performance, improved rendering, and the most responsive user interface - VideoStudio 2021 is Corel's best video editor yet.

Improved tools and functions

OPTIMIZED video mask creation
OPTIMIZED split-screen editing
OPTIMIZED controls the movement adaptation
NEW Automatic Motion Blur

A video editing program with unparalleled features

With VideoStudio's extensive range of innovative tools and features, you'll always get the results you want. Benefit from a fully equipped video editing program with which all types of projects can be implemented effortlessly.

Basic tools for video editing

Crop, trim, rotate, shrink, enlarge
Crop, shorten and split videos right on the timeline. Rotate video clips or change the aspect ratio with just a few clicks.

Correcting Mistakes
Apply lens corrections to remove fisheye distortion caused by wide-angle lenses or action cameras. And correct the colors to adjust the temperature of the light or create unique effects.

Using Templates, Titles, and Transitions
Choose from instant project templates, title presets, transitions, and filters to easily drag-and-drop video editing.

Color Correction
Use intuitive controls to correct and enhance colors, brighten scenes, add accent colors to mood, and increase image brightness. Bring out colors with hue, saturation, and white balance controls and automatic hue adjustments. Play with the colors to create unique projects.

Color Grading
Only Ultimate offers access to comprehensive color grading tools to control the mood in all settings. With various video areas and intuitive controls, you can move colors around and fine-tune your changes with ease. Brighten up scenes, influence the mood with accent colors and enhance the ambience of your films.

LUT Profiles
With LUT profiles you can turn day into night, mimic the color scheme of famous movies and apply advanced color effects to your projects in no time at all.

Filters, effects, and other creative tools to help you create stunning and engaging videos

Filters and Effects
Add an artistic touch to your projects with over 1,500 creative drag-and-drop effects and filters. Refine your videos with new textures, gradients, reflections and much more.

Graphics and Overlays
Drag animated overlays and graphic elements into your video to add depth to the scenes. Paint your stories with transparent overlays like bubbles, lens reflections, and more!

NEW AR sticker

Create fun effects with trendy stickers that recognize and capture facial features. This makes it easy to import and apply silly ears, fantastic eyes, huge sunglasses, or overly large hats.

Mask creation

Video masking is a powerful video editing tool that is great for both simple corrections and advanced creative edits. Apply special effects to specific areas, remove unwanted objects from recordings, and get creative with custom windows. Video masking lets you replace generic masks, clone yourself, and overlay footage to create truly remarkable special effects.

Fast creation of slideshows and films

NEW Instant Project Templates
Save a lot of time with the newly added instant project templates. Select a template, then drag a video into the template to replace the placeholders that are automatically added to the timeline and you're ready to export your video.

Highlight Reel
Highlight Reel, an intelligent film and slideshow creation program with AI-assisted face recognition, automatically selects the best recordings and clips and sorts out those with defects or errors.


Create Smart Slideshows and Movies in Minutes! Just choose a template and paste in whatever media you want.

Animation tools

Stop Motion Animations
Connect your camera or use your webcam to create a stop motion animation! Use automatic recording settings and onscreen guides to create smooth, controlled movements.

Custom Motion
Paths Use flexible controls to create graphics, shapes, titles, and overlays that move along a path and to customize that movement. This function is ideal for creating great effects, setting accents or allowing characters to wander across the screen.

Painting studio
Create your own animated drawings in the painting studio, which you can then insert into your video clips. This feature picks up the brushstrokes you have painted and thereby allows you to add faces, travel routes and much more to your videos!

Movement effects

Time-lapse and slow-motion videos
Use time-remapping to vary the playback speed to create slow-motion and time-lapse effects, freeze the action or repeat settings.

Pan and Zoom
Set pan and zoom effects, to the attention of the audience's full attention to the main plot, highlight key moments and to make sure that is always visible the central motif.

Tracking Use precise motion tracking tools to track an object in your video and add moving text and graphics to the object, or obscure faces, logos and license plates.

360 ° editor for all-round views

Editing of 360 ° videos
Cover all dimensions with the complete solution for editing 360 ° videos. Cut, edit and optimize your 360 ° videos on the timeline and add titles and music.

"Little Planet" and "Rabbit Hole" Effects
Open up a new perspective for your audience and convert 360 ° recordings with "Little Planet" or "Rabbit Hole" effects (spherical panoramas).

Convert formats Convert

single fisheye and dual fisheye images into equirectangular or spherical panoramas. Control the viewing angle and convert 360 ° videos into standard flat videos for playback on TVs and standard video devices.

Export of 360 ° videos
Export your 360 ° videos for playback on VR glasses or a 360 ° player. You can also upload them directly to YouTube!

Capture and edit recordings from multiple cameras

Capture Software Capture your screen and webcam at the same time with the new MultiCam Capture Lite to create immersive videos. Record image and sound with one click and then edit them seamlessly using multi-camera editing.

Multi-camera video editing from up to 6 perspectives
From every perspective Combine, synchronize and edit recordings from multiple cameras and select the desired angle while playing the video. Add picture-in-picture effects and then edit the movie on the timeline. Combine up to 6 perspectives with VideoStudio Ultimate.

Record, edit and mix sound

Add Sound Effects and Royalty-Free Music
Choose from hundreds of sound effects to highlight key moments! You can effortlessly import your own music or select a track from Scorefitter, Corel's royalty-free music collection, which will automatically adjust to the length of your project.

Master the sound
The sound can be adjusted, muted or overlaid directly on the time axis. You can adjust the sound level across clips to get clear dialogue and harmonious results.

Attenuates and superimposes the soundtracks with audio ducking
Use the integrated audio ducking to automatically attenuate the background noise of spoken comments so that your spoken commentary or the music track can be heard clearly.

Recording of Overvoices Record
a comment or additional dialogue with the integrated Overvoice tools! With VideoStudio 2021 it is child's play to create films that impress with their picture and sound quality.

the functions of VideoStudio with high-quality plugins
Use the applications of proven industry leaders: For a small surcharge compared to VideoStudio Pro, you also receive a multitude of exclusive effects worth hundreds of euros.


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Fascinate and expand your audience

Export your videos to popular formats or to popular devices

Upload your videos directly to YouTube or Vimeo

Burn videos with 50+ menu templates

System requirements:

  • Operating system : Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, only 64 bit
  • Processor : Core i3 or AMD A4 series for standard videos. Intel Core i7 or AMD Athlon A10 for HD and UHD videos
  • RAM : 4 GB or higher; 8 GB or more is recommended for HD and UHD videos
  • Graphics card : Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768, for hardware acceleration at least 512 MB VRAM is recommended
  • Sound card : Windows compatible sound card
  • Hard disk space : At least 6 GB for a full installation
  • An internet connection is required to install, register and update the software.

Export formats

  • Videos : AVC, AVI, DV, HDV, HEVC2 (H.265), M2T, MOV3, MPEG-1 / -2 / -4, UIS, UISX, WebM, WMV, XAVC S, 3GP
  • Devices : Apple iPod / iPhone / iPad / TV, Android devices, Sony PSP / PS3 / PS4, Nintendo Wii, formats compatible with Microsoft Xbox, DV, HDV
  • Disc : DVD, AVCHD, SD Card, Blu-ray ($)
  • Internet : YouTube, Vimeo
  • Audio : M4A, OGG, WAV, WMA
  • Images : BMP, JPG

Import formats

  • Videos : AVCHD1 (.M2T / .MTS), AVI, DV, DVR-MS, HDV1, HEVC2 (H.265), M2TS, M4V, MKV, MOD1, MOV3 (H.264), MPEG-1 / -2 / -4, TOD, UIS, UISX, WebM, WMV, XAVC S, 3GP, unencrypted DVD titles
  • 360 ° video : equirectangular, single fisheye, dual fisheye
  • Audio : AAC, AC31, Aiff, AMR, AU, CDA, M4A, MOV, MP2, MP3, MP4, MPA, OGG, WAV, WMA


  • A DVD burner is required to create DVDs and AVCHD discs
  • Burning Blu-Ray requires purchasing a separate plug-in from the application

Supported languages

  • English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Japanese

1 AC3 audio is only supported under Windows 8 and 10 (this applies to AVCHD, HDV, DVD, Blu-ray, MOD and MPEG2 with AC3 audio)

2 HEVC (H.265) support requires Windows 10 and a corresponding PC -Hardware or graphics card. In addition, Microsoft HEVC Video Extension must be installed

3 Support for importing and outputting Cineform alpha channel videos

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