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Windows Server 2019 Datacenter is the most comprehensive version of the software, offering all features there is in just one package. This version includes all the tools and the infrastructure you need to build up a cloud-native, as well as local, server that is both secured and optimized.

All in one
Being the most powerful and most comprehensive version of the line, Windows Server 2019 Datacenter naturally carries all the pre-existing features that Standard users enjoy, along with many more finishing touches.

The most basic difference lies in the number of containers allowed in the system. While the Standard version offers only 2 containers, there is no limit for the Datacenter version, so theoretically, you can use as many containers as you want, so long as the hardware can support it.

Better Security
Security is among the brightest spotlights for Windows Server 2019, but Datacenter takes it up a notch with the Shielded Virtual Machines feature. This certain security protocol will protect all Hyper-V virtual machines from unauthorized access or tampering from external sources, adding a strong virtual wall to your server.

No Storage Limit
If storage features limit in the Standard version gets on your nerve, then Datacenter will certainly dispel that annoyance. There is no storage limit for features like Storage Spaces Direct or Storage Replica, allowing you to tweak the system to its fullest.

Finally, Datacenter offers the ability to stack networks, a feature that surely gives it an edge over the Standard version.

To sum up, Datacenter is a great version for a large business with a focus on cloud-native storage systems. The features that come with the software will make your investment worthwhile.
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